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The board-certified physicians at United Vein Centers use cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat a range of vein conditions. Whether you’re in Tampa, Florida, or another part of the country, our nationally recognized staff understand prevention is the best treatment option. At the first sign of a problem with your legs, it’s vital to make an appointment with your doctor. If left untreated varicose veins or a painful venous leg ulcer may develop. To help aid in prevention, read on with the article below to learn more about painful ulcers that may develop on your legs and what you can do to help prevent them.


Early Signs Of Venous Leg Ulcer

Open non-healing sores on your body are ulcers. They can be painful and, if left untreated, could lead to infection and other serious complications. Due to poor circulation, poor blood flow, ulcers tend to appear on the legs more than any other body area. If symptoms are recognized early enough, you may be able to prevent varicose veins treatment or other minimally invasive procedures from being necessary.


Early symptoms to look for on your legs include:

  • Blue or red hue to the skin.
  • Patches of dark or brown skin.
  • A localized area of firmness and soreness to the touch.
  • A small non-healing wound.
  • Foul-smelling oozing fluid from the skin


If a leg wound doesn’t heal after a few weeks, it has progressed to an ulcer. 


Avoid If Possible

Prevention is the best way to avoid any issues from ulcers. There are simple everyday things you can do to help prevent leg ulcers from forming.

  • Do not start, or if you do already, stop smoking. Besides the risks of cancer, smoking causes poor circulation as well.
  • Exercise regularly 
  • If you are overweight, losing weight and maintaining that loss will improve circulation.
  • Elevate your legs after a long day of standing. This will help relieve any swelling.
  • Be active. Avoid long periods of standing or setting if possible.


Another simple and effective option for ulcer prevention is to wear compression socks. They will prevent your legs from swelling and reduce the pooling of blood. 


Options For Treatment

Luckily there are treatment options available that can be effective. The first thing that needs to be done is to treat any wound that may have developed. Dead skin around the wound will be removed; a medicated dressing will then be applied. The ulcer will still need to be cleaned regularly, and the dressing will need to be replaced.


Other treatment options include:

  • Avoiding anything that leads to sensitive skin.
  • Depending on the veins involved in the ulcer, performing a varicose veins treatment may be beneficial. 
  • To treat or prevent injection, you may be prescribed antibiotics.


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A venous leg ulcer is a serious condition, but United Vein Centers nationally accredited clinics have expert staff and board-certified physicians ready to help. We can provide your varicose veins treatment, microphlebectomy, vein ablations, and more. We care about Tampa and the surrounding areas; that is why we use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the safest, minimally invasive procedures possible. If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call today.

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