What Are Those Bulging Veins in Legs and Why Are They So Common?

Have you ever seen someone with veins in legs bulging out? Have you started to develop these as well? This condition is known as varicose veins, and it’s a very common venous condition that happens in many adults. You might be curious as to why this happens and if there is any form of varicose veins treatment. We at United Vein Centers want to help you get a better understanding of what makes this condition so common, as well as what treatment options are available to you. When all is said and done, you’ll be able to search for a board-certified vein doctor with confidence in your understanding of this condition. You’ll also find that we have locations across the nation in states such as Colorado and Arizona.


Why Are Veins in Legs so Common?

First, it’s important to understand what causes varicose veins in the first place. The reason these veins bulge is due to swelling as the veins struggle to pump blood effectively. It’s specifically in the veins’ valves where the process gets complicated if those valves grow weak. Sometimes these veins cause no discomfort and are only cosmetically unwanted, but other times they might cause pain, tightness, or other forms of discomfort. There are multiple factors that can contribute to the development of varicose veins, such as weight gain, pregnancy, and hormonal imbalance. There’s one large factor, however, that has a big impact on many of these other causes: gravity.


The reason why varicose veins occur so frequently in legs is that the blood in those veins is pumping upward toward the heart. In order to do this successfully, the veins have to pump that blood against gravity, which is more difficult and creates more stress on the veins, which can lead to damaged valves. Factors like weight gain and pregnancy are amplified by gravity’s effects. These are the reasons why they’re so common in the legs, but fortunately, treatment is an option.


What You Need to Know About Varicose Veins Treatment

Thanks to modern, innovative technology, treatment for varicose veins is not only possible, but fast, easy, and inexpensive. In most cases, these treatment options are also minimally invasive and do not require extensive surgery. The process is typically done in less than an hour under general anesthesia, and patients who are receiving treatment can return to regular activity immediately after the procedure with generally gentle recovery periods.


Additionally, there are also things you can do now to either better manage your existing varicose veins or reduce your risk of developing the condition in the first place. Since gravity plays such a big factor, simply elevating your legs when possible, especially while you sleep, can do a lot of good at helping your veins do their job easily. Remind yourself to try and stay active throughout the day as well. Give yourself a few minutes to stretch and move your legs hourly, if possible, especially if you find yourself standing or sitting for long periods of time, such as at work. Maintaining healthy exercise habits will help keep your vascular system working in a healthy and happy manner.


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If you’re dealing with those bulging veins in legs, then the first step is speaking with a vein doctor in your area. With locations from out in Colorado to down in Florida, United Vein Centers can be there to help many Americans with their venous conditions. Contact us today to locate a clinic near you.


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