How Long Do You Wear Compression Stockings After Vein Treatment?

Treatment for varicose veins, also known as spider veins, can cause pain and swelling. The minimally invasive treatment for this is safe but does require proper care to provide a full recovery with the results you’ve wanted. In Tampa, you can seek vein treatment at United Vein Centers, as we highly suggest using the compression stockings right after the given treatment to allow you the best results. However, the time required to keep the stockings on will depend on your needs, your treatment, health condition, and more. By maintaining the pressure with the stockings, it will help achieve these results: provide relief, clots and bruising, circulation, and reduce swelling. 

Why Compression Socks after Vein Treatment?

After treatment, if you’re able to gently wiggle your legs easily and comfortably, the chance you have to keep the compression socks on is minimal. However, it is always recommended you kick your feet up and stay off of them for a couple of days after the treatment. This is to give your veins a chance to recover, and the compression socks help with the inflammatory and thrombotic pathways. 

How Long Should You Wear the Compression Stockings?

Your doctor will determine the length of time you need the compression stockings and the type of treatment you need. The endovenous laser varicose vein procedure does require 4 weeks. The process uses heat to damage and close off the varicose veins, which does limit any physical activity. It is required to wear your stockings for at least a month.

The most popular treatment is sclerotherapy, which requires 2 weeks of recovery. The process injects a solution of salt to the varicose veins, which causes the veins to fall and in time, disappear. You should steer clear from any physical activities for a couple of days. The swelling will be reduced with the stockings for approximately 2 weeks for the best results. 

This minimally invasive surgery is vein ligation and stripping, which requires 2 to 6 weeks of recovery. The surgeon removes the veins with incisions and cuts, and after stitching up the incisions, the compression stockings will help hold the bandages. While healing can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, your doctor will advise the same amount of time for the stockings. 

Different Kinds of Compression Stockings

Weight, pressure, and length all matter with the compression stockings. Any failure to meet these details will not offer the health benefits or the best results that come with wearing them. Your doctor will help you with this process.

Each stocking is made differently, as it is specifically made for medical purposes. The pressure ratings are different for each, which is important to pay attention to once you know what rating you need. The only time you should remove the stockings is when you’re going to shower, and you must wear them to bed.

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