Venous diseases can cause a handful of unwanted symptoms, both that can cause us pain and discomfort or possibly be unpleasant to look at. Luckily, with the help of a vein specialist, it’s possible to alleviate symptoms and remove unsightly varicose veins. Here at the United Vein Centers, our specialists have worked with patients to help treat venous diseases with minimally invasive procedures to help them feel their best and look their best. That said, when looking for vein treatment in your area, you might not always come across a trusted vein center. We want to share with you information on choosing a vein center you can trust. We have facilities across the US, including Florida, Chicago, Phoenix, and Denver, Colorado.


Why Choosing A Trusted Clinic is Important

When researching clinics in your area, you might come across ones that are a risk for medical malpractice. This is a concern where uncertified doctors may take advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience in the medical field to make you believe you’re safer than you are. While the procedure could go well, there’s a big risk that something could go wrong. Approximately 195,000 Americans are injured or killed every year due to medical malpractice, and you don’t want to be a part of that number. In addition, a doctor willing to deceive you will likely also resort to more expensive, invasive procedures when they may be entirely unnecessary.


How to Research Vein Clinics for the Best Vein Treatment

When it comes to doing your homework on vein centers in your area, there are a few red flags you can identify, and a few precautions you can take to ensure you’re seeing a doctor that will take care of you.

  • Check for specific, outrageous claims
    • When researching what a vein center has to say about their practice, be on the lookout for claims that can be disproven. An example of this would be a center claiming things like “we have performed more procedures than any other center,” or anything that can be disproven. Any provider will be looking to sell their service, such as saying they provide “high-quality service,” but it’s illegal to make false claims if they make specific statements that are not true.
  • Look for false credentials
    • Anyone can say they’re board-certified, but that doesn’t always mean they’re being honest about it. A board-certified surgeon is one who’s certified with The American Board of Surgery. When contacting the clinic near you, ask about the surgeon who would be performing on you and what their credentials are. You can go here to The American Board of Surgery’s certification checker to see whether or not they are, in fact, certified. Just be sure you’re entering the correct spelling of their name and the state where they are registered.
  • Watch out for free screenings if you have Medicare or Medicaid
    • Legally, free screenings must be excluded from beneficiaries of Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or other insurance providers that follow Medicare guidelines. Any clinic claiming they can give you a free screening despite your insurance status would be doing so illegally.


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If you live near one of our locations in Florida, Chicago, Phoenix, or Denver, Colorado, and you’re looking for vein treatment, then contact us today. Our team of board-certified physicians are here to put your health and safety first. We also encourage you to do the same research on us as you should for all vein clinics. Feel confident and safe placing your trust in a vein specialist with us. We may be able to have you in and out in a single day.


*Due to legal limitations, our Free Screening offer cannot be extended to Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries or other recipients of federal or state health care benefit programs.

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