How Can I Change My Habits To Avoid Getting Vein Treatments?

We all know how important daily exercise is for our overall health, but have you thought about your vein health recently? After all, our veins are part of the primary system keeping us alive. Great blood flow is crucial for your body to stay at peak performance, and if you’re not supporting it, you may run into varicose veins and potentially require vein treatment to help alleviate the pain and pressure. Read on for ways to help increase proper blood flow, along with a vein specialist in West Palm Beach that can help.   

Varicose veins occur when your venous system isn’t properly moving your deoxygenated blood back to your heart. Combined with weakened vein walls and excess pressure from pooling blood in your extremities, “varicosities” develop as bulging blue or purple veins on your body. Most varicose veins are on your legs, but can be anywhere on your body, oftentimes also appearing near your groin area. To avoid varicose vein treatment, try to follow these habits below for good vein health.  

Taking Care Of Your Veins

Everyone loves taking hot baths or dozing on a nice warm beach in the sun, but these activities can hurt your veins over time. Extended exposure to heat can increase vein swelling and lead to blood pooling. If you do any of these activities regularly, you could be setting yourself up for blood clots or venous insufficiency. Obviously exercise is an important key to keeping good circulation, but heavy weight lifting can lead to problems. Putting all that extra weight and pressure on just your legs causes strain on your veins. Incorporate light weight lifting into plyometric exercises, along with increasing your cardio workouts to keep all your blood circulating properly.    

Although it can be hard to break, quitting smoking can help tremendously in your vein and overall health. Smoking inserts chemicals directly into the bloodstream, ultimately slowing blood flow by thickening and deoxygenating your blood. It also increases the chances of blood clots as nicotine hardens and narrows your arteries. 

Drinking sugary juices, pop and energy drinks doesn’t help your health either. Increasing your sugar intake can lead to an increased production of lipoprotein, which can oxidize and stick to the walls of your blood vessels, building up plaque. Venous and arterial conditions can develop from this plaque buildup, along with clotting of your blood. 

Make sure instead to be drinking plenty of water, as this not only hydrates your body but also thins out your blood, which can increase circulation and improve blood flow. Thick blood is usually a sign of insufficient hydration, so be sure to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day. 

Preventing Vein Treatment

You don’t want to be standing or sitting for long periods of time throughout the day, so be sure to elevate your legs several times a day. The easiest way to get better circulation going in your veins is to raise your legs above your hips, preferably for about five minutes, to get blood back to your heart and relieve any pressure or swelling off of your legs.   

Ensuring that you’re walking everyday also promotes good vein health, reducing the need for any varicose vein treatments. Walking is a low-impact yet effective way to get your blood moving and your muscles contracting around your veins, similar to compression socks. 

If your job makes it difficult to get the movement and elevation you need, or if you are predisposed to vein health issues, using compression socks on a regular basis may help. They aid in proper circulation through contracting the muscles around your veins continuously throughout the day, propelling blood flow back toward your heart.    

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