A UVC Vein Specialist Busts The Myths About Varicose Vein Causes

Ever wondered what causes varicose veins? Learn fact from fiction with a professional United Vein Centers vein specialist in our latest blog post!

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Learn The Real Facts From A Vein Specialist

One of the most common vein disease-related myths we hear at the UVC office is this:

Doesn’t crossing your legs give you varicose veins?

No! Crossing your legs has nothing to do with the development of varicose veins— this is just an old wives’ tale that has seemed to stick in the minds of many adults.

So what are varicose veins, and how do they form?

Varicose veins are large, often bulging veins that become discolored (dark blue or purple) and easily visible beneath the skin. They most often occur in the legs and feet, but can happen on any part of the body.

Typically, veins are designed to carry blood back to your heart. When the valves in your veins become damaged, weak, or defective, blood can instead flow backwards, causing the blood to pool in certain areas of the vein. This causes the swelling appearance that you see on your skin.

Not only do many find varicose veins unsightly to look at, they also prevent blood from returning to the heart in certain vein areas, and as such, can cause varying amounts of discomfort (from mere itchiness to heavy throbbing and cramping). That’s why many seeking treatment for varicose veins are actually doing so for non-cosmetic reasons, despite common belief.

What Can I Do To Actually Help My Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins can have a wide range of causes that are often just a part of being human— anything from weight gain, to excessive inactivity, to simple genetics can lead to the formation of varicose veins.

So what can we do about it?

Luckily, treatment for the many symptoms of varicose veins is possible! For minor symptoms, simple lifestyle changes (such as increased exercise, weight loss, compression therapy, and smoking cessation) can help curb symptoms and keep your veins from worsening.

More intense symptoms or certain causes may call for more technical procedures to be done. This is where United Vein Centers specializes. Call your local vein doctor near me at UVC to learn more about our minimally-invasive procedures!

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United Vein Centers believes in giving our clients the tools and information needed to make the most educated decisions about the treatments they choose to undergo. Each of our vein specialists are highly-trained professionals with years of extensive experience in vein care. Some of the most common ailments we treat are varicose and spider veins, for both health and aesthetic reasons. Explore our website to find out which treatment is right for you!

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