Something many of us overlook is our vascular health. As we age, so do our veins, and particularly in our legs can our veins start to develop challenges. When the valves in our veins become damaged or weakened, we can start to see symptoms like varicose veins. These are swollen veins that can appear to bulge from under the skin and are often unwanted for their appearance, but they can also cause pain, tightness, stiffness, and other forms of discomfort. We at the United Vein Centers are dedicated to helping patients with their vein health in locations across the country, from up in Chicago to down in South Florida. Here, we can provide patients with varicose veins treatment options, but prevention is also an effective solution, and we’d like to share with you how to do so.


Why Varicose Veins Develop

As mentioned above, varicose veins are caused by damaged or weakened vein valves, but what causes these valves to weaken or become damaged? Age plays a part, but it ultimately has to do with how well the vein is able to pump blood back to the heart. In our legs, where varicose veins are most common, this process must fight gravity as the blood travels back up the legs, and this is where trouble can occur. As we age, it’s important that we consider our vascular health, but that may not always be easy depending on your work. If you find yourself standing or sitting for extended periods of time as you work, this can increase your risk of developing varicose veins.


Improving Your Vein Health at Work

If you find that you work somewhere that you’re often standing in one spot or sitting for long periods of time, then you should consider taking action to help your veins regulate blood flow. Here are some tips you can use at work:

  • Walk and Stretch Your Legs
    • If possible, try and get some movement in your legs once every 30 minutes or so at least. Walk around and stretch your legs if you can, though this might not always be feasible depending on your job.
  • Prop up Your Feet
    • While sitting or during your break, propping up your feet takes stress away from the veins in your legs and helps you regulate blood flow.
  • Do Calf Raises
    • Calf raises are small exercises where you stand on your tiptoes, hold for a moment, then release. Repeat this several times when possible to help keep your veins in good health.
  • Wear Compression Stockings or Socks
    • Compression socks and stockings are specialized clothing designed to support your veins with their blood flow. They also have other benefits, like preventing excess fluids from building up in your limbs.


Seek the United Vein Centers for Varicose Veins Treatment

Now that you know more about maintaining your vein health, you might be looking to treat your existing varicose veins. We at the United Vein Centers offer minimally invasive varicose veins treatment options designed to make the process as easy for you as possible. Let our board-certified physicians help you treat your veins at one of our many locations across the nation from Arizona to Chicago and down to Florida. To locate your nearest facility, contact us today.


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