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Ankle pain is not fun. Hardly any pain is, right? But ankle pain, rather, any pain in joints or highly mobile parts of your body can not only be excruciating due to lack of rest but annoying because it hinders our ability to move well until the injury is healed. The pains could come as a throbbing or burning aching; it may be gradual or sudden. Ankle pain could result from an injury such as a sprain, arthritis, or a medical condition. Most ankle pains result from a medical condition that emanates from the liver, kidney, lung abnormalities, or heart. Researching “vein doctors near me” in Colorado will lead you to United Vein Centers; we are willing to answer all of your questions. 


What Information Do I Need From Vein Doctors Near Me About Ankle Pain?


Ankle pain comes from sprains most of the time when ligaments are overstretched or torn. Ligaments include the tissues, bones, muscles, and cartilage of your joints. Ankle pains are mostly lateral pain and occur when the foot rolls. This makes your ankle twist downward, which rips or stretches your ligaments. A lot of things can result in ankle pains, including but not  limited to:


  • Joint infection
  • Gout (The buildup of uric acid)
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica (pain that starts from the lower back and travels to the legs)


First Aid Treatment For Ankle Pain


Ankle injuries are extremely painful and may call for first aid treatment before seeing a varicose veins doctor around you. You can take the following steps to relieve some of the pain.


  • Rest: The first thing to do is lessen the weight on the ankle. You can instantly opt for a seat or lay on a bed. Remember to step slowly as you move, as you do not want to worsen the injury. For the next few days, if the pain persists, reduce your movement. If you must move, use a cane or crutches for support.


  • Ice: You can put an ice pack on the affected joint for about twenty minutes for some immediate relief. This process should be repeated at ninety-minute intervals and can be repeated for three to five days.
  • Compression: You can wrap an ACE bandage around the injured ankle. Please note that you should not wrap too tightly. When the ankle is tightly wrapped, your toes can turn blue or the joint could go numb.


  • Elevation: You can use any structure to lift your ankle above your heart level.


In addition to the above-listed remedies, you can request over-the-counter drugs to relieve pain and swelling before visiting a varicose veins doctor for proper evaluation and management.


Seeking A Vein Doctor Around Me For Answers


To handle your ankle pain, you need experts to carry out various examinations to pinpoint the pain’s cause. If the first aid treatment does not relieve some of the pain, United Vein Centers is the place to visit. At our centers, we offer affordable and reliable services to our patients. A varicose veins doctor is always ready to help 


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