Our Great Vein Doctors Review The Common Signs Of Varicose Veins

Do you struggle with varicose veins, or maybe worry that you will develop them in the future? Here at United Vein Centers, our vein specialist explains the signs and warnings regarding varicose veins so you can gain peace of mind. We understand that one of the essential parts of varicose veins for people is understanding the signs and symptoms to prevent them from developing further. For those of you who do not know what varicose veins are, they are damaged valves where the blood pools up instead of flowing properly throughout your body. These veins can be very painful, and many people can grow self-conscious about them because they can be rather noticeable. Luckily, our vein doctors know what signs to look for, and we also have treatments if they are too stubborn to treat at home. We have a lot of facilities across the US, but we are the best clinic in Chicago!


Vein Doctors Explain Signs 

You are probably wondering what the signs are of varicose veins, so you can keep a lookout if you suspect that you are developing them. This explanation is also great for people who might be prone to varicose veins because they can watch for the signs if they happen to show up in the future. Our vein specialist has a lot of experience with varicose veins, so you can rest assured that these signs are accurate. One of the symptoms is the appearance of large and purplish veins. This likely means that the blood is pooling up. Swollen feet and ankles are another sign because of the low blood flow. Another indication is if your legs feel rather heavy or in pain more than usual. Muscle cramping at night is another prominent sign. Varicose veins can also be itchy, so if your ankles or lower part of your legs are itchy, then you might be developing these veins. Another sign is throbbing or even burning feelings in your legs and discoloration around the veins.


Early Signs 

Believe it or not, there are early signs to watch regarding varicose veins and symptoms when you already develop them. Understanding these early signs can help you prevent them from fully developing in the future and save you a lot of hassle. Here are the early signs to watch for:

  • Red spots on your ankles or lower part of your legs 
  • Dull pain in your legs 
  • Darker veins on the very surface of your skin 
  • When your feet swell at the end of the day 
  • Family history of developing them 


Our Treatments Can Help 

For those of you who have varicose veins and are looking for a vein specialist to treat them, we are the ones who can do it! Our board-certified doctors use state-of-the-art technology to treat your varicose veins, so they are gone for good. Our procedures are all in our offices, and you can go back home or back to work as soon as the same day of the treatment. Our treatments are only minimally invasive, so you will not experience a lot of pain. We have seen excellent results from these treatments.


Contact Us 

United Vein Centers are professionals who want you to know all of the signs of varicose veins. Understanding the symptoms will give you peace of mind knowing that you should start treating your varicose veins. Our vein doctors also want you to know that there is hope and treatments out there for varicose veins. So call or visit us today in Chicago for more information.

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