What is vein health? When it comes to the flow of our blood, there are many times where it must fight gravity to travel back up our bodies, especially in our legs and feet. As we age, this challenge can sometimes pose a little too difficult, and some blood may pool on the valves through our veins creating added difficulty. This is called venous insufficiency and can lead to varicose veins, soreness, pressure, and pain in those areas. We at the United Vein Centers recommend speaking with a vein doctor if you notice such symptoms, and there may be venous insufficiency and varicose veins treatment options for you, including activities that enhance your vein health. We offer locations in several states throughout the country, including Arizona.


Activities You Can Do to Better Your Vein Health

A great way to help your body maintain good vein health is through activities that strengthen your body and keep your veins running smoothly. Here are some examples of such activities you can do to minimize your risk of venous diseases:

  • Daily Walking or Running
    • As mentioned, your legs are the most likely areas for venous diseases to develop because they’re where your blood must fight the most gravity. A good, 30-minute walk every day can help get the blood flowing in your legs more effectively, keeping your veins healthy. This can be done by walking your dog, strolling through your neighborhood, or also going for a run. While it may not be the best option if you also are dealing with joint problems, running can also be a great solution for those who aren’t hindered by it.
  • Swimming
    • Swimming is often described as the best activity for your body, and that statement is indeed true. It’s a low-impact form of exercise but also one that works your entire body. As a result, swimming not only is great for vein health but many other conditions as well.
  • Bike Riding
    • Cycling is a great activity that not only improves the blood flow in your legs, but also helps patients with joint pains, arthritis, and restless leg syndrome. This is because bike riding helps reduce inflammation in the legs.
  • Elevating your Legs
    • If you plan on relaxing at home, it’s a good idea to put your feet up, and not just because it’s comfortable. Elevating your legs means blood no longer has to fight gravity to flow through them. The added break will do wonders for your legs.


Always Speak with a Board-Certified Vein Doctor

At the United Vein Centers, all of our doctors are board-certified, meaning they’re certified by the American Board of Surgery. Medical malpractice is a major issue and affects nearly 200,000 Americans every year, and when it comes to your veins, you want to make sure your physician is providing you with a safe treatment that is as minimally invasive as possible. But there are medical providers out there who are not certified and trusting them with your vein health can place you in unnecessary risks. To ensure that your healthcare provider is board-certified, visit the American Board of Surgery’s certification checker and enter the physician’s name and details accurately to determine whether or not they are, in fact, certified.


Contact Us Today for Varicose Veins Treatment

If you live in Arizona or in any other state where we at the United Vein Centers have a location, and you’re looking for varicose veins treatment or venous insufficiency treatment, then seek us out for a board-certified vein doctor. Our priority is our patient’s comfort, safety, and time. With each procedure, we aim to use minimally invasive proceduressaving surgery for only the most extreme cases. We also aim to provide a swift treatment that gets you back on your feet within the same day, allowing you to return to your normal capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options or to schedule an appointment.

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