Five Common Vein Disease Myths to be Aware of

As many individuals age, their leg veins start to become more prominent and can even bulge out from under the surface of the skin. These are called varicose veins, and they can potentially pose health risks along with simply looking unpleasant. Fortunately, we at the United Vein Centers have a team of board-certified specialists able to help patients across the states, including locations from West Palm Beach to Chicago. Venous diseases can have various impacts on our self-esteem and our well-being, and for these reasons, we’d like to share some myths about vein disease so that you won’t be fooled. When you do have a problem, though, trust a board-certified vein specialist to care for your situation.


The Difference Between Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

You may have heard of the term “spider veins” before. Spider veins are when a cluster of veins, usually in your legs, becomes dark and apparent. This cluster looks similar to a spider with the way the veins radiate outward; however, they don’t tend to bulge or come with uncomfortable side effects. These are largely cosmetic. Varicose veins, meanwhile, can often come paired with tightness, swelling, and pain around the area. If left untreated, these could lead to more severe conditions, like venous thrombosis. Visually, they tend to be individual veins rather than large clusters.


Myths About Vein Disease

You might have heard a few things regarding venous diseases, but we’d like to make sure you aren’t being misled by fiction over facts. Here are a few common myths people believe about veins and venous diseases.

  • Varicose Veins are Only Cosmetic
    • As mentioned briefly, varicose veins can cause pain and discomfort while also potentially placing a victim at risk for more serve conditions. As such, varicose veins are more than a cosmetic issue. 
  • Insurance Doesn’t Cover Varicose Veins
    • If your varicose veins are causing you pain and discomfort and are showing you out of your home, then there’s a good chance your veins will be covered by your insurance. This is because they’re causing more problems than simple cosmetic problems and can be a health risk.
  • I’ll Need to Take Off Work For a Vein Treatment
    • The truth is you could potentially have your vein treatment on your lunch break and be able to immediately return to work after. Vein treatments are minimally invasive and focus on getting you in and out of the seat as quickly as possible.
  • Blood Clots are in My History, so I can’t Be Treated
    • Many patients who have had DVT in the past have been able to receive treatment for their current varicose vein situations. A simple ultrasound will be performed after informing your doctor of your medical history, and if all goes well, you could still be able to treat your varicose veins.


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If you’re in the Chicago area and are looking for vein disease treatment, then look no further than our board-certified vein specialist. They will work to provide you the best, minimally invasive treatment to help you restore your health. We reserve surgical procedures only for the most severe cases that help get our patients back on their feet as soon as possible. If you’re in need of treatment for your varicose veins, then contact us today.

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