Spider veins are those superficially visible veins typically found on the legs around the thighs, ankles, and calves. For many of us, they can be unwanted and unsightly, and thankfully, spider vein treatment can be an option to remedy them. We at the United Vein Centers offer minimally invasive vein treatments to help our patients treat cosmetic vein problems as well as ones that can cause pain and discomfort. We offer vein clinics around the country in Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, and throughout Florida, including West Palm Beach.


Information on Spider Veins and Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are named as such because of the way they radiate outward, similar to the legs or web of a spider. The cause of spider veins isn’t fully understood; however, we do know they’re more common in women than men, and it’s believed that pregnancy, birth control, weight gain, and genetics may all play a part in who develops spider veins. There are rarely any symptoms associated with spider veins, and in some cases, they may even disappear on their own. That said, while treatment isn’t required for comfort and health reasons, it can be performed for cosmetic ones. There are two main methods for treating them:

  • Sclerotherapy involves a minimally invasive injection into the vein which causes it to scar. This will signal the body to redirect blood flow to other veins, and the spider veins will die and be reabsorbed into the body. There’s little-to-no pain experienced with this procedure, and the injection sight may be slightly tender for a few days.
  • A laser treatment can also be an option. This is where pulses from a laser light are used on the veins to create small blood clots to clog the veins. Much like sclerotherapy, this causes the body to redirect blood flow into other vessels and reabsorb the dead veins.


Make Sure Vein Clinics are Board-Certified

When researching clinics in your area, it’s essential that you check to ensure that the surgeon you’re scheduled with is board-certified. Approximately 195,000 Americans are injured or killed every year due to medical malpractice, and you don’t want to be a part of that number. The best way to ensure that you’re in trustworthy, safe hands is to ensure that your physician is a board-certified one. The most effective way to check if your surgeon is, in fact, board-certified is to research their credentials on the American Board of Surgery. You can easily do this by going to their website or by clicking here. Enter the last and first name of the physician you would be seeing, along with the state where they are certified, and if they are, their credentials will appear on the site’s results. Be very careful when doing this, to correctly spell your physician’s name and select the appropriate state. 


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If you live near one of our locations in Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, or West Palm Beach, Florida, and you’re looking for vein treatment, then contact us today. Our team of board-certified experts are here to prioritize your health and safety. We also encourage you to do the same research on us as you should for all vein clinics. Feel confident and safe placing your trust in a vein specialist like us. When treating spider veins, we’ll have you in and out of the facility in very little time.


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