Age is an inevitable part of life. With it comes many positive things, like great memories and wisdom, but it can also come with some negatives. An example of this is that each of us may experience challenges that develop in our body over time. For some, venous diseases are one such challenge. Varicose veins in women are particularly common, along with spider veins, but have you ever wondered why it seems to affect women more than men? We at the United Vein Centers offer the expertise of a board-certified vein doctor for all our patients looking for venous treatments. We have several locations across the country from Florida to Arizona to Chicago. We have helped many patients with varicose veins, and it’s through our expertise that we can help answer this question for you.


Why Are Women More Likely to Develop Venous Diseases?

Varicose veins and spider veins seem to be the bane of every aging woman, but why don’t men develop venous diseases as often as women do? Venous diseases typically stem from a lack of proper blood flow in the veins as blood has difficulty traveling up the legs and back to the heart. Men should have this problem just as much, but it’s more than just gravity at play.


Men and women are biologically and chemically a little different. One such example is a chemical called progesterone. This is a sex hormone that women produce more of than men, not unlike estrogen, or how men produce more testosterone. One side effect of progesterone is the relaxing of the walls of blood vessels. This has the negative side effect of weakening those vessels, and thus, more women will develop complications in their veins.


There’s another contributor to venous diseases, actually, though not all women will be affected. Pregnancy can have an impact on varicose veins, and some women may develop them during this time. The added pressure of carrying a baby and hormonal changes can both lead to an increased risk of venous diseases.


Treatment Options for Varicose Veins in Women

For all our patients, varicose vein treatment is an option. These can be unpleasant to look at, which is grounds enough to treat them for many, but they might also cause pain, soreness, or tightness in the legs. These symptoms can worsen over time, so speaking with a board-certified professional is key. We at the United Veins Centers rely on minimally invasive procedures to help our patients with their venous conditions. Our goal is to help you get in, get treated, and get out so that you can go back to your daily activities immediately. Some of these treatments include options for removal, such as using medicine to scar the veins, telling the body to reabsorb them and redirect blood flow elsewhere, which is known as sclerotherapy.


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It’s true that it’s more common to see varicose veins in women, but regardless of your sex, if you have venous diseases, you can seek treatment. Whether you’re in Chicago or Florida, we have centers available to you, and you’ll be able to trust us with your varicose vein treatment. Contact our vein doctor today to learn more about your options for treating venous diseases. 


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