How Varicose Vein Pain Can Complicate Your Sleep Patterns

Sleep complications can be the worst, especially for those of us that have responsibilities the next day. There are many different things that can interfere with our sleep patterns, but is vein pain one of them? Varicose veins are a condition where the valves in one’s veins are damaged or weakened and cannot pump blood effectively. As a result, the veins appear enlarged, and while not always painful, they sometimes can be. We at United Vein Centers are experienced with treating patients with varicose vein pain, and we have some information to share about how these veins can impact your sleep. For patients struggling with varicose veins, our facilities offer varicose veins treatment options. With locations around the country from Arizona to down in West Palm Beach, FL, you may find one of our facilities in your area where you can receive effective care.


How Varicose Vein Pain Affects Your Sleep

Sadly, for those of us who have painful varicose veins, they can indeed disrupt our ability to sleep properly. In fact, the time where you go to lie down may be where you feel the pain the most–free from other distractions to keep your mind off the pain. This is made more prominent if you were standing or sitting for long periods of time earlier that day. Sensory symptoms of varicose veins aren’t always direct pain either; they can also include sensations like itchiness, tightness, heaviness, cramping, throbbing, or aching. This can make lying down even more uncomfortable, especially if you develop restless leg syndrome, where the sensations in your leg give you a strong urge to move or shake your leg.


Managing Your Varicose Veins

In order to better manage the pain in your legs, there are a number of things you can do to both reduce the symptoms as well as fight the development of other varicose veins.

  • Sleep with your legs raised
    • Varicose veins are caused when the blood in your legs struggles to travel back up the legs and toward the heart. Raising your legs makes this process easier and less stressful, which can reduce pain and swelling.
  • Drink lots of water
    • A hydrated body is a happy body, and drinking enough water throughout the day will help your body with the strength it needs to do its job. This can mitigate the pain from your varicose veins slightly.
  • Exercise or stretch
    • Exercise is great for your vascular health and will help your body strengthen itself to better manage your blood flow. Exercising or stretching during the day will help to keep your pain down.
  • Consider compression stockings
    • Compression stockings are designed to support your vascular health and make the process of pumping blood easier on your veins. Wearing them throughout the day is ideal, especially if you work in an environment that requires lots of standing or sitting, and sleeping in them can help your body manage your blood flow.


Contact Us for Varicose Veins Treatment

Another option for handling varicose vein pain is through varicose veins treatment. If you’re located in a city where one of our facilities is located, such as Chicago or West Palm Beach, then we can help treat your veins for a direct solution. Our board-certified physicians will provide for you a fast, inexpensive, and minimally invasive procedure that will work to eliminate the problematic vein with little-to-no discomfort. As a result, the body will redirect blood flow to healthy veins. If this option sounds ideal, then contact us for more questions, and from there we can consider an appointment.


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