Why Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins is Effective Treatment

The development of varicose veins and spider veins is one that many of us dread as we grow older, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Vascular health is an important part of our lives, and one we need to care for with the passing years, but treatment options are available to both improve our vascular health as well as manage existing venous conditions. We at the United Vein Centers have locations around the United States, such as in Arizona and Colorado, and with the help of our board-certified physicians, we’ve been able to provide spider vein removal services for patients around the country. In particular, we offer sclerotherapy for spider veins–a minimally invasive procedure you may want to consider.


Treatment for Venous Conditions is Safe and Easy

Here at the United Vein Centers, our vein doctors work hard to alleviate our patients from varicose veins and spider veins to both eliminate discomfort as well as restore confidence in one’s appearances. The best part about this is that treatment is fast, inexpensive, and is both minimally invasive with minimal discomfort. This is important as we highly value the comfort and convenience of our patients. With the exception of rare, severe cases, vein treatment options, such as spider vein removal, do not require more invasive solutions like surgery. Instead, you can expect solutions like sclerotherapy to quickly and efficiently handle your veins in less than an hour. Not only that, but you’ll suffer no post-procedure side effects and can return to your normal activities immediately after leaving.


What Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins Entails

When it comes to spider veins, our preferred treatment option for most patients is sclerotherapy. This is a procedure where a form of medicine is injected into the inflamed vein. The medicine scars the inside of the vein, blocking it off and forcing the body to redirect blood flow to other, healthy veins. It might sound scary, but the process is both completely safe and also offers little-to-no discomfort. Due to the scaring, the swollen vein is absorbed back into the body with no serious side effects, and once you’re out of the chair, you could go back to work, take a jog, or do just about anything you wanted to without side effects.


Contact Our Vein Specialists for Spider Vein Removal

At the United Vein Centers, our vein doctors are able to use state-of-the-art technologies to provide minimally invasive procedures to treat venous conditions. You can contact us at our site to locate locations near you from Arizona to down in Florida. Consider sclerotherapy for spider veins to eliminate them from your legs.


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