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Have you ever had a night where you can’t seem to fall asleep due to constant tossing and turning? Sometimes, finding a comfortable position to sleep in can be difficult. It can feel as if your body is being controlled by a mind independent of yours, and the struggle to sleep soundly becomes much more frustrating. It’s possible that this could be related to RLS, or restless leg syndrome. We at United Vein Centers offer vein treatment options at our facilities around the nation from Arizona to Florida, and one such form of treatment is for providing RLS relief in patients struggling with the condition. If this is a struggle you can relate to, then we have some information that may help.


What to Know About Seeking RLS Relief

First and foremost, what is restless leg syndrome? This is a condition of the legs where the patient has an uncontrollable urge to move and shift them due to discomfort. The kind of discomfort associated with RLS are symptoms like itchiness, tightness, or sensations of tugging, pulling, or creeping. Oftentimes, the discomfort is at its worst at night when you’re trying to sleep, and the constant jerking of your leg can make falling asleep extremely difficult.


The source of this discomfort originates in the veins, and fortunately, there are steps you can take to fight your symptoms and better your condition.

  • Exercise and Activity
    • One way to better your vascular health is by improving your body’s circulatory system. Exercise and activity is a great way to do this as it gets your blood pumping. Consider taking part in activities like dancing, swimming, or yoga to help improve your vascular health.
  • Improving Your Diet
    • Your body needs many essential nutrients to function properly, and your veins are no exception. It’s important to get enough water every day, and both iron and potassium are important for good vein health. Consider adding more iron-rich foods like hemp seed into your diet or adding supplements to help you reach a healthy amount.
  • Seeking Vein Treatment
    • Treatment options for venous conditions are very successful and are becoming easier, thanks to modern technology. You can receive minimally invasive procedures to treat your veins at United Vein Centers.


All About United Vein Centers Treatment

If you’re looking to seek vein treatment, then we at United Vein Centers can help. Our board-certified physicians are trained in modern forms of treatment that are minimally invasive, fast, inexpensive, and offer little to no downtime after the procedure. Once you’ve been treated, you’ll be able to return to most normal activities immediately, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. 


Contact Us Today For Treatment Options

If you’re struggling with restless leg syndrome, then we at United Vein Centers can help. You can contact any of our locations from Arizona to Florida and receive fast, minimally invasive treatments to grant you RLS relief.


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