What are varicose veins? As we age, naturally our body gets weaker in different parts, and everyone sees these effects differently. One such way that our age can show is through venous diseases, which can lead to the development of varicose veinsveins that bulge out from under the skin of our legs. Age isn’t the only reason why these diseases can occur. For example, an expecting mother might experience pregnancy varicose veins. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body of expecting mothers, and these can vary wildly from one person to another. We at the United Vein Centers provide varicose vein removal services for patients in West Palm Beach, as well as other areas around the country. We want to inform expecting mothers that the development of varicose veins isn’t something to be worried about, but treatment can still be an option.


How Pregnancy Can Cause Varicose Veins

As mentioned briefly, pregnancy has a major impact on the human body. There’s a major physical impact as well as a hormonal impact, but with varicose veins in mind, there are a few main reasons why pregnancy can lead to them:

  • Pregnancy Adds Pressure
    • It’s no secret that pregnancy also means quite a bit of added weight as the mother now carries her growing child. This adds a noticeable amount of added pressure to the legs of the mother, where varicose veins are most common to appear. This is because blood has to work harder to flow against gravity and up your legs, and the added pressure can make that harder.
  • Added Blood Production
    • Additionally, your body is also producing more blood while you’re carrying a child. The added weight may add pressure on top of your legs, but the extra blood production can add pressure within them.
  • Possible Hormonal Impacts
    • Pregnancy hormones can lead to all sorts of changes in the body. One such change could be an impact on the walls of your veins, and they could become thinner as a result. This makes those veins more susceptible to the contraction of venous diseases, which can lead to varicose veins.


Seek a Board-Certified Doctor for Pregnancy Varicose Veins

Varicose veins that appear during pregnancy may not be something you want, but they may also go away after the pregnancy once the pressure has been released. That said, varicose veins can lead to pain, tightness, stiffness, and discomfort, and if you’re feeling these symptoms in your legs, then seeking a vein specialist is a good idea. A board-certified doctor can help recommend treatment options that can help you manage and alleviate these symptoms but be careful to avoid physicians that aren’t certified. As an expecting mother, it’s important to protect the well-being of your child, and if you see a non-certified physician, they may be more interested in your wallet than your child’s health. This could lead to risky suggestions, such as surgery, which are entirely unnecessary.


Contact Us for Varicose Vein Removal and Treatment Services

We at the United Vein Centers proudly boast about our board-certified doctors and cutting-edge technology. We opt for minimally invasive solutions that are not only quick but inexpensive, and patients can return to their routine tasks immediately. There’s no need to roll the dice with risky physicians. To find help treating your pregnancy varicose veins, contact us in West Palm Beach or one of our other locations. We will provide options for varicose vein removal and treatments.


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