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Are you noticing sensations of pain, pressure, or tightness in your legs? Do you also have varicose veins—distinctly visible veins under the surface of the skin in your legs? What you may be suffering from is a venous disease that can worsen over time, but there are treatment options available that we at the United Vein Centers would like to share with you. Our doctors are all board-certified, so you can feel safe when trusting us with treatment for your painful veins. One such option is the use of compression socks, which we’d like to discuss with you today. When it comes to vein treatment options, consider searching “vein clinic near me” to find a doctor that can help you make the best choice for your condition. We have locations across the country, including Colorado.


Compression Socks: What are They and Do They Work?

In short, compression socks are socks that provide support to your veins in regards to adequate blood flow. As your leg muscles flex, the socks apply enough pressure on the veins in your legs to help them push blood back toward your heart. This ultimately means that compression socks do help at treating the symptoms of venous diseases; however, they don’t actually target the problem that causes your venous diseases in the first place, so effectiveness is limited. Despite this, they may be a good idea for people who:

    • Have to stand for long periods of time
      • A simple treatment for pain caused by venous diseases is elevating your legs to eliminate the battle against gravity for your blood. If you have a job where you’re standing all day, then compression socks can help you maintain blood flow throughout the day.
    • Have recently had surgery in their legs
      • If you’re dealing with the inability to move your legs properly due to a recent surgery, then the socks can also help since you won’t be able to keep your leg muscles moving.
    • Are bedridden
      • Similarly to if you’ve recently had surgery, you can wear compression socks when you’re sick in bed as well. Leg activity helps promote good blood flow, so if you don’t have that, the added support from compression socks is beneficial.
    • Are physically active
      • If you are actively running or doing other physical activities, then compression socks can help provide added support while you’re active.


What Causes Painful Veins?

If you’re suffering from pain, tightness, pressure, or aching in your legs, and those feelings stem from your veins, then you may be suffering from a venous disease. A part of the body’s process is delivering blood to all the parts of your body and then sending that blood back to your heart. In your legs particularly, your blood usually is forced to fight gravity to travel back up your legs. As we age, this can become more challenging depending on a number of factors. Some individuals may develop venous insufficiency, where small amounts of blood trickle back down the veins and pools against the valves that the rest of your blood travels through. This adds complication to the process and can result in sensations of pain and tightness as well as visual varicose veins.


Contact Us for a “Vein Clinic Near Me”

Whether you’re located in Florida, Arizona, or Colorado, the services of the United Veins Centers are here for you. Our team of board-certified vein specialists will help you find the right solutions for your painful veins. We always emphasize minimally invasive procedures that help you get back to your ordinary activities right after your appointment, and surgery is reserved for only the most extreme cases. To learn more about how we can help you with varicose veins and/or venous insufficiency, contact us today. Don’t be afraid to search “vein clinics near me” if there are no United Vein Centers near you.



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