What Does IAC Accreditation Mean? Everything to Know

If you’re in need of varicose vein removal or treatment, you may have heard the words IAC accreditation before. However, chances are you have no idea what this means for you or your treatment options. Before deciding on the treatment center that’s right for you, you must learn what this means and why it is important. United Vein Centers in Colorado has a team of experts that can speak with you about accreditation and what it entails. Keep reading to learn more!


Understanding the Term IAC Accreditation

If you’ve been considering varicose vein removal, you’ve probably been searching for a vein specialist and center to help treat you. Naturally, you’re going to want to pick the center that provides the highest level of competency and care. That is why finding a vein center that has been IAC accredited is the right way to go. However, that might not mean much to you if you don’t understand what exactly that accreditation means. To find out more about this award, keep reading below!


When an institute receives this type of accreditation in vascular testing, it means that the seal has been approved by a healthcare entity for Ultrasound Interpretation and Testing. For a vein center to be awarded and distinguished as an IAC Accredited vein center, it also needs to be IAC accredited in vascular testing as well. The Vascular Testing accreditation is just one benchmark that a vein center can reach in its journey to become fully IAC accredited. There are about 100 IAC Accredited Vein Centers across the United States, which should be reassuring to the patients — knowing that the center you’re receiving treatment from is recognized for being outstanding.  


There are a number of standards and guidelines that must be met before a vein center can become IAC accredited. Some of them are as follows:

  • The medical director at the facility must be a licensed physician in the state where the vein center is located. Also, their license me be current and be unrestricted. 
  • The medical staff at the facility must hold a current and unrestricted physician’s license in the state of the vein center. 
  • There needs to be a written protocol for the following:
    • Each procedure performed in the facility 
    • Treatment and referrals of patients
    • Treatment for allergic reactions or toxicity
    • Routine supply inventory of disposable supplies
    • Disposal of used and expired supplies
  • There needs to be written guidelines for the following
    • Intravenous administration of fluids and medications
    • The monitoring of patients undergoing procedures using sedation
    • The use of moderate or greater sedation in compliance with the state regulations
  • There needs to be sufficient space for all procedures and treatments so that the patients remain comfortable, safe, and have significant privacy. 
  • Appropriate equipment must be used for all treatments and should be inspected in accordance with the local, state, and federal regulations. 


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