To Better Your Circulatory System, Add Fun Workouts to Your Day

As many of us grow older, we become more at risk for developing venous diseases. These can range from harmless, yet cosmetically unwanted to painful or even life-threatening in some cases. Here at United Vein Centers, we can offer a consultation from a board-certified vein doctor along with treatment options for any kind of venous disease. With locations around the country, such as Colorado, Florida, and Arizona, we can help provide minimally invasive treatment options for many patients. That said, the best way to deal with venous diseases is by reducing your risk and avoiding them in the first place. There are several ways to do this, and one of the most effective is regular exercise. This is why we want to give you some suggestions for fun workouts you can incorporate into your daily routine to promote good vein health.


5 Fun Workouts You Can Adopt Into Your Lifestyle

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your vascular health. This is because movement encourages activity in your circulatory system, and an inactive system can lead to vascular conditions such as varicose veins. We know it can be a hassle to try and establish a workout routine, which is why we have a few ideas for ways you can get your body moving without needing to build a new habit.

  • House Cleaning
    • Believe it or not, cleaning your house on a daily basis can do a great job of keeping your body active. Rather than cleaning your whole house in one day, try cleaning smaller parts of your home one at a time every day instead.
  • Walk Your Dog
    • If you’re a proud dog parent, then walking your dog is a great way to encourage your circulatory system. If you don’t have a dog but have been thinking about it, the benefits they can offer to you might help you make the decision.
  • Dance
    • Why not make a habit of putting on some music at home and dancing while you cook? You can also try taking dancing classes of some kind if that’s something that interests you, or even going out to a nightclub can be a great source of exercise.
  • Go for a Swim
    • Swimming is often considered the best activity for exercise because it works your entire body. This is definitely true, so if you have a pool near you or a beach, consider doing some swimming every week.
  • Pick Up an Active Hobby
    • A lot of us are stuck indoors these days, but you can still pick up an outdoor hobby and participate safely. Consider a daily bike ride, playing tennis at a local tennis court, or making a habit of going to your local ice rink for some skating.


What are Varicose Veins?

The most common venous condition is called varicose veins. These are those veins that bulge out from underneath your skin and are commonly found around the legs. Varicose veins are the result of poor blood flow caused by the valves in your vein not functioning properly. There are several things that can influence this, such as gravity. Gravity, in particular, is why they appear so commonly in the legs–because your veins work harder to pump blood upward and against gravity than other veins in your body. A strong circulatory system, regularly elevating your legs, a healthy diet, and a healthy weight can all help you reduce the risk of developing them.


Need a Vein Doctor? Call Us

Incorporating fun workouts into your daily life can be a fun and effective way to reduce your risk for developing a venous disease, but the risk will always be present and may increase due to other factors as well. If you’re in need of a vein doctor in Colorado, Chicago, or anywhere you can find United Vein Centers, then contact us for treatment options.

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