How to Avoid Blood Clots in 5 steps to help you Stay Healthy

Blood clots are very serious and should never be taken lightly. Blood clots can be life-threatening and can result in serious medical emergencies. A Blood clot is a clump of blood that gels up and sometimes cannot dissolve on its own. When you have blood clotting in your veins that can result in a very dangerous situation. If a blood clot reaches your veins and your heart this can result in reduced blood flow to your heart and lead to death. You should call your doctor immediately if you ever feel like you may have a blood clot or if you already have a history of dealing with them. United Vein Centers in Arizona specializes in blood clot prevention and dedicated to ensuring quality patient care and promoting health care within a specific medical specialty. Blood clots can build over time and people a lot of the time aren’t aware that they have one. United Vein Centers location in Arizona serves patients across the nation and has board-certified doctors who are vein experts and our staff is thoroughly trained and educated in all aspects of vein health that can help you avoid blood clots. Blood clots can occur in your veins, arms, legs, lungs, and even your brain. It’s impossible to be sure if you have a blood clot without proper medical guidance so it’s important to continue your regular checkups with your doctor. Blood clots affect nearly a million people every year and they often are unexpected. This is why it’s important to take these important steps to avoid having any blood clots. Come check out our location in Arizona for a check up!


Avoiding Blood Clots


  1. Always remember to find time to stay active and move around. Try to avoid relaxing for long periods of time without getting up and moving your body. It’s never good to sit around watching a television show for 12 hours straight without being active at all during the day. We all have been guilty of doing this at some point in time. If you are watching tv or sitting on your phone remember to get up and make some food and walk around a bit. You can consider taking your dog on a short walk even just so you can get moving a bit.
  2. Remember to always stay hydrated.  Stopping to drink a cup of water is something that is very important to remember to do throughout the day especially if you are traveling. You never want to be dehydrated and stationary for a long period of time. 
  3. Raising your feet while you sleep can help promote the circulation of the blood which can help prevent blood clots. Sleeping for long periods of time with no movement is never good for the body. You can promote blood circulation by putting a pillow under your feet or raising the foot of your bed.
  4. Just knowing all of the signs of a blood clot can help you avoid or know if you could possibly have one. This is why it’s important to schedule appointments with your doctor.
  5. If you are pregnant remember to still stay active. Pregnancy and changes in hormones are some of the leading causes of blood clots. Going on regular walks will help prevent blood clots in your legs that could result from being stationary which could reduce circulation for pregnant women.

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